Andromeda Strain will premiere on the A&E network on May 26 and conclude on May 27 at 9 PM ET and it is coming to DVD on June 3rd. We want to celebrate this upcoming sci-fi release in a big way. We are giving away an actual Wildfire Lab costume from Daniel Day Kim's Dr. Tsi Chou character in the mini-series! The outfit consists of one pair of pants, two jackets, two t-shirts and one pair of shoes. We also have books, t-shirts and DVD sets (that include both the mini-series and original film) to give away as well! This is a very unique opportunity to win some great swag, and you know these prizes will go fast, so enter this contest as fast as your fingers can fly!

Winners Receive:

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- Andromeda Strain Wildfire Lab costume from Daniel Day Kim's Tsi Chou character

- Andromeda Strain book

- Andromeda Strain t-shirt

- Andromeda Strain DVD set with both the mini-series and original film

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An entire town is killed by a mysterious virus brought to earth by a returning satellite. A search through the town reveals two survivors: a baby and an old man. Why the virus spared them could provide the key for immunizing the populace. A crack team of scientists isolates themselves with the survivors in an underground laboratory, and now they only have a few days to find a cure before the world is destroyed.

Special Features

- Audio commentaries (with Director/Co-Executive Producer Mikael Salomon, Executive Producer David W. Zucker, Executive Producer Tom Thayer, And Editor Scott Vickrey)

- Visual effects breakdowns

- Terra Incognita: Making The Andromeda Strain featurette

- Photo and design gallery

- Trailers