Okay parents, kids, or people who know parents with kids... we are giving away a unique Superman Laptop! Shaped like the S on Superman's Chest, this device is filled with fun, learning information that is perfect for children ages 5 and older!

CLICK HERE to enter our contest! (Kids make sure to get Mom or Dad's permission!)

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Laptop Information:

The Superman advanced learning laptop is the ultimate education tool for ages 5 and up ! The Man of Steel teaches kids in English. The laptop also features an all new motion sensing opening device, with amazing light and music effects!

Interact with one of the most famous heroes of all time! Put fun into learning .... Superman Returns!


Laptop Features:

- 30 fun learning games in English

- Enter your Superman mission code

- Fun amimation

- Spell with Superman

- Cool Mathematics Games

- Test your logic skills

- Challenge your memory

- Tons of fun games

- Play your own melody

- LED backlight for playing in the dark

- Amazing auto-open sensor - the laptpo lid lifts up automatically!

- A lid that lights up

- Requires 3 AA Batteries (included)