Alien vs. Predator: MovieWeb is proud to announce a new affiliation with the legendary toy makers, McFarlane Toys. For years, McFarlane has been dishing out the finest sculpted replications of film characters, video game icons, and sports heros on the planet. We guarantee anyone who is anyone, at one time or another, has picked up a replica from McFarlane's Movie Maniac line and thought to themselves, "these are freakin' cool." McFarlane hails as #1 in the business hands down, no questions asked...and now MovieWeb is a part of it.

Ecstatic as can be about working with McFarlane Toys, we're giving away 2 full sets of their latest endeavour...the Alien vs. Predator line. No matter which way you lean on your critique of the new film, this amazing collection is astounding and well worthy of any movie fan in love with the science fiction genre.

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Five figures from the film are now available, and we're giving away 2 full sets!

- Scar Predator

- Elder Predator

- Celtic Predator

- Grid Alien

- Battle Alien

CLICK HERE to enter the contest right now!

Alien vs. Predator figures are in stores now, and can be purchased for around $10-$12 each.

Visit to see the Alien vs. Predator action figure online feature. In the feature, you'll have access to all the latest information on this series, including additional figure photography, specs, in-package artwork, QuickTime VRs, where to buy and much more. CLICK HERE

Stay tuned for more McFarlane/MovieWeb contests coming soon! Get prepared for the "SIX FACES OF MADNESS" (Billy the Kid, Rasputin, Vlad the Imapler, Elizabeth Bathory, Attila the Hun, Jack the Ripper) and the new "INFERNAL PARADE" from Clive Barker!

About McFarlane Toys

Grammy- and Emmy-winning Producer/Director Todd McFarlane, best known as the creator of Spawn and the founder of, is the creative force behind McFarlane Toys.

The international award winning company is one of America’s top action figure manufacturers with several successful movie-licensing tie-ins, including Warner Brother’s The Matrix trilogy, Shrek; X-Files; Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow; the first two Austin Powers films; the Beatle’s Yellow Submarine; Akira and the company’s seminal Movie Maniacs series featuring horror icons from such films as Terminator and Terminator 2, Alien, Predator, Texas Chainsaw Massacre; Friday the 13th; The Thing; Army of Darkness;The Fly; Blair Witch; Scream; A Nightmare on Elm Street; Halloween and more. The company also makes official league-licensed figures for baseball, football, basketball and hockey its Sports Picks™ line, as well as rock music icons, electronic gaming and McFarlane’s signature creation, Spawn.

Check out for more information.

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