Battlestar Galatica: In honor of the release of the Battlestar Galatica: 25th Anniversary DVD Box Set, we're giving away the original film on DVD!

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Battlestar Galactica - Complete Epic Series six-disc highlights:

* Loaded with newly-produced bonus materials and never-before-seen footage, including an interview with series creator Glen A. Larson and series stars' Richard Hatch (Apollo), Terry Carter (Col. Tigh) and Anne Lockhart (Sheba).

* The six-disc set includes all 24 hours of the original series, presented in their original broadcast order.

* Entire series re-mastered from original source materials for optimal picture and sound quality.

* Features both a newly created 5.1 Dolby Digital surround track.

* Award winning special effects by John Dykstra (Star Wars, Spider-Man) and visual effects by Richard Edlund (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Air Force One).

* Starring Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch, Jane Seymour, Ray Milland and Dirk Benedict.

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