Life After People: The Series is set to premiere on Tuesday, April 21 at 10 PM ET on the History Channel, and we just have to celebrate this brand new series. We have another contest here and we're giving away the original Life After People History Channel special on DVD, a History Channel laptop backpack and a USB 64MB Swing Drive Keychain. You know these prizes will surely go fast, so enter this big contest today.

Life After People: The Series Contest

Winners Receive:

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- Life After People, the original special on DVD

- History Channel Laptop Backpack

- USB 64mb Swing Drive Keychain

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ALL NEW 10 PART SERIES! Life After People: The Series goes beyond the 2008 special by exploring a post-human future, in more vivid detail. Using the arresting, cinematic, visually stunning appeal of the special- the ten episode series will reveal the fate of the complex structures we've built, the creatures that take our place and the history we leave behind. The series premieres Tuesday, April 21 at 10pm ET on HISTORY with the episode "The Bodies Left Behind". Become a fan of HISTORY on Facebook at and download the FREE Life After People iPhone app at Bit.Ly/SofQA!