20Q.net has just released a Star Trek version of this popular game and we have a very unique contest set up to celebrate this new game. We have some prize packs to give away which include the 20Q handheld version of The Simpsons game, the 20Q handheld version of the Harry Potter game, a 20Q version 2.0 handheld game, a 20Q Star Trek t-shirt and Star Trek: The Motion Picture DVD Collection, a 10-disc set featuring all the films to date. However, you can't just enter this contest with a click of the mouse.

20Q.net would like our readers to help this game bone up on Star Trek trivia and our readers can help. To enter this contest, you have to try to "stump" the A.I. in all things Star Trek. Here's how it works. You pick a Star Trek term from any of the films or TV series and, if the A.I. can't guess your term in 20 Questions or less, you've "stumped" successfully. You don't have to be able to stump the A.I. to enter this contest, but we're requiring that you let us know what term you used from Star Trek, and whether or not you were successful in stumping. CLICK HERE to see if you have what it takes to be a Star Trek trivia master.

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Star Trek

Winners Receive:

- 20Q handheld version of The Simpsons game

- 20Q handheld version of the Harry Potter game

- 20Q version 2.0 handheld game

- 20Q Star Trek t-shirt

- Star Trek: The Motion Picture DVD Collection 10-disc DVD set

CLICK HERE to enter this huge giveaway today, and don't forget to tell us which Star Trek term you used.

20Q.net is putting its artificial intelligence (A.I.) into warp speed to bring players 20Q STAR TREK, the latest version of the hugely popular online game that can "read your mind." In a partnership with CBS Consumer Products and Mattel, Inc., 20Q promises to deliver a game that's both fun and challenging for even the most die-hard STAR TREK fans.

20Q STAR TREK will test the knowledge of Star Trek aficionados by asking players to think of any sentient being, place or thing from the iconic entertainment franchise. The all-knowing 20Q will then guess what the player is thinking in twenty questions or less. Fans eager to stump the game better do their homework, because with each game played, 20Q gets a little smarter.

20Q dares players to stump the A.I., which has become an expert in just about everything from Harry Potter, The Simpsons, music, sports, movies, TV, people, the Old Testament, Doctor Who, and the U.K.'s longest running soap, Coronation Street.

Visit 20Q.net/StarTrek and try to stump the newest version of the all-powerful neural-net of 20Q.