Captain N and the New Super Mario World was released on November 13, but instead of heading to the store to pick up this release, you can win it from your friends here at MovieWeb. These shows are available on DVD for the first time, and you can take home this 2-disc set from MovieWeb!

Winners Receive:

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- Captain N and the New Super Mario World DVD

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In 1991, NBC amped up their Saturday mornings by combining two of their animated powerhouses into one half-hour time slot with Captain N & The New Super Mario World.

Based on the hit video game of the same name, The New Super Mario World completes the animated adventures of Nintendo's iconic heroes - the Super Mario Brothers (Mario and Luigi), Princess Toadstool, and their dinosaur friend Yoshi, who band together on Dinosaur Island to fight King Koopa and the Koopa kids.

And in Captain N: The Game Master, ordinary California teenager Kevin Keene becomes Captain N, the hero of Videoland - a universe where Nintendo video games are real! Captain N and his dog Duke join the N Team, which consists of fellow crime fighters Princess Lana, Simon Belmont, Kid Icarus, and Game Boy. Come along for the ride as the N Team dukes it out against Mother Brain's most heinous henchmen: King Hippo, the Eggplant Wizard, Count Dracula, and Dr. Wily. Their ultimate quest is to fulfill an ancient prophecy and bring the evil villainess Mother Brain to justice once and for all!

Special Features

- Storyboard To Screen: Opening Title Sequence

- Original Concept Art: Yoshi