On August 21 the boys are back with the hilarious release South Park: The Complete Tenth Season! As this show is a comedic institution in all of our lives, we are giving away some fantastic prizes to our users.

Winners Receive:

- South Park: The Complete Tenth Season DVD Set

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- South Park Satan Halloween Costume

- South Park Party Poker Set

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In the tenth season of South Park, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny band together to defeat a virtual villain, witness the death of their beloved Chef and are enlisted by former Vice President Al Gore to help search for the elusive Manbearpig. Released via Comedy Central Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment, South Park: The Complete Tenth Season DVD arrives in stores nationwide on Tuesday, August 21.

South Park: The Complete Tenth Season DVD is an exclusive three-disc collector's edition comprised of all 14 legendary episodes. In addition to the Emmy-nominated episode, Make Love, Not Warcraft (original air date: October 4, 2006), a free 14-day trial edition of the "World of Warcraft" DVD-ROM is included with the purchase of the DVD set. This unforgettable compilation also features the episode Tsst (original air date: May 3, 2006) in which Cartman's Mom seeks the help of Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, to gain control of her son.

DVD Features:

- Five-to-seven minute mini-commentaries on all 14 episodes by creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone

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