Mystery of the Hope Diamond will air on The Smithsonian Channel Sunday, November 21 at 8 PM ET. We're celebrating this upcoming TV special with a new contest. No, we're not giving away the Hope Diamond, but we do have several prizes, such as a Smithsonian duffle bag, a Hope Diamond book, Smithsonian pen, Smithsonian notepad, Hope Diamond bookmark, t-shirt and the DVD sets Stories From the Vaults: Season Two and Da Vinci Detective. These prizes will surely go fast, so enter this contest today:

Mystery of the Hope Diamond

Winners Receive:

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  • Smithsonian Duffle bag
  • - Hope Diamond book
  • - Smithsonian Pen
  • - Smithsonian Notepad
  • - Hope Diamond bookmark
  • - Smithsonian DVD: Stories From the Vaults: Season Two
  • - Smithsonian DVDs: Da Vinci Detective
  • - Smithsonian Short sleeve t-shirt

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

From gracing the neck of Marie Antoinette to leaving a trail of untimely deaths in its wake, Mystery of the Hope Diamond will provide an in-depth look at this gem's brilliant but eerie tale. With its legend marked by both kings and thieves, the Hope Diamond has transcended its own luster to become the Smithsonian's most visited exhibition. As part of the Smithsonian's world-class gem collection, the Hope Diamond has the highest price tag by a huge margin. The Smithsonian places no valuation on the diamond, but outside estimates today put the Hope Diamond's value into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Clearly with its distinctive scientific properties, flawless clarity, rare deep blue color and, of course, its history, it is without a doubt that this gem is truly in a class all of its own. And now, for a limited time, those who visit the Smithsonian will be able to bask in the glow of the Hope Diamond in its new temporary setting, "Embracing Hope", as voted on by the American public and designed by world-renowned jewelers Harry Winston, Inc., in celebration of the 50th anniversary of its donation to the Smithsonian.

Viewers will also be able to watch the Mystery of the Hope Diamond three days earlier then its television premiere! It will stream for free on November 18th on beginning at noon, so make sure to check out this special event before everyone else!