Stargate Universe recently kicked off its second season on the Syfy channel and Sanctuary will debut its third season on Friday, October 15 at 10 PM ET on Syfy. To celebrate these new seasons, we have a brand new contest and we're giving away t-shirts from both shows and a Syfy-branded digital picture frame to our readers. You know these contests will go fast, so be sure and enter this contest today.

Sanctuary t-shirt

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Stargate Universe t-shirt

Syfy Branded Digital Picture Frame

Winners Receive

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your interest.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}The season three opener of Sanctuary finds the team desperately trying to find a way to reach Kali to prevent catastrophic tidal waves from killing millions around the world. En route, they receive reports of massive tsunamis heading for the coasts of India, Pakistan and the Arabian Peninsula. Ravi continues on to the Sanctuary while Kate frantically tries to warn the authorities in Dharavi to sound the sirens and get their people to higher ground. Meanwhile Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and Henry (Ryan Robbins), aboard the Sanctuary vessel now taken over by a power-hungry Wexford (Paul McGillion), evaluate the horrific destruction around them, caused by Big Bertha's last magnetic impulse. Don't forget to catch the thrilling Season 3 premiere of Sanctuary at 10pm on Friday, October 15th!