Tattoo Highway is currently airing its first season on Wednesday nights at 10 PM ET on the A&E network and we are celebrating this new series. We have yet another contest lined up and we're giving away such prizes as a cooler with built-in iPod speakers, an iPod skin, aluminum water bottle and mens and womnens tank tops. You know these prizes will go fast, so enter this big giveaway today.

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Like Kat Von D on TLC's LA Ink, Inked's Thomas Pendleton is a legitimate sex symbol -- and a master tattoo artist. After lying low for a while, Thomas is about to take tattooing to a new place -- well, actually, to a whole bunch of new places...

Tired of working for "the man," Thomas purchased an iconic vintage 70s tour bus and transformed it into a sexy mobile tattoo parlor. The plan is to hit the road with his family in tow and do custom tattoos for celebrities and new clients across the country. Can Thomas keep his family together, his business afloat, his employees in line, and his tattoo shop rolling? We're about to find out!