The Cleaner Set VisitOver the last few years, the face of cable television has been rapidly changing and last year A&E got back in the mix of dramatic television programming with {0}, the network's first original scripted drama in six years. The show, starring Benjamin Bratt as William Banks - based off the amazing real-life exploits of extreme interventionist Warren Boyd - resonated with viewers enough for the network to bring the show back for a second season, which premiered last month on the network. I was invited to the CBS Studio lot in Studio City, California to take a look at the set of this hit series and talk to some of its stars. While set visits are always a good time and it's always fun to talk to the stars, I learned that this unique series is about much more than just entertainment, but before I could find that out... I got lost on the lot, kind of.

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William Banks has hit rock bottom due to his addictions during the birth of his twins, and turns to God and asks to strike a bargain with the almighty. If given a second chance, William vows to kick his own drug habits and help others get clean by any means necessary in The Cleaner.