Traitor is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on Friday, December 19 and we have a special contest lined up for you. Not only can you win the Traitor Blu-ray in this contest, but we're also giving away a pocket translator, passport cover and a hat as well. These prize packs will surely go fast, so enter this big contest today.

Winners Receive:

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- Traitor Blu-ray disc

- Traitor pocket translator

- Traitor passport cover

- Traitor hat

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An undercover CIA agent within a terrorist cell is marked as a terrorist suspect by the FBI in Overture Films' upcoming thriller Traitor. Don Cheadle produces and stars in the film as the operative under Guy Pearce's investigation. Based on an idea by Steve Martin, the film is written and directed by The Day After Tomorrow screenwriter Jeffrey Nachmanoff. Watch the trailer below.

Special Features:

- Audio commentary

- Behind the scenes footage of stunts, special effects and exotic locations

- Digital Copy of the film (Blu-ray only)