Bones: Season 3 will be released on DVD in a five-disc set on November 18, and we just have to celebrate this new five-disc set for the hit Fox series. We have another contest running here and we're giving away copies of this DVD set to our readers. These discs will surely go fast, so enter this new contest today.

Winners Receive:

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- Bones: Season 3 five-disc DVD set

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Dr. Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth, along with colleagues Angela Montenegro, Dr. Zack Addy, Dr. Jack Hodgins and Dr. Camille Saroyan, find themselves on the trail of a serial killer who discards his many victims' remains off freeway overpasses. Brennan also must deal with the trial of her father for the murder of the Deputy Director of the FBI.

Special Features:

- Three extended episodes

- Gag reel

- Extended kiss scene between Booth and Bones

- Director's takes