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Available at the suggested retail price of $27.98, the Bubba Ho-Tep Collector’s Edition DVD features whacked-out comical bonus materials, including deleted scenes, four featurettes, and two audio commentaries by the cast, crew and “The King.” Additional bonus features include a short story reading by Lansdale, an animated photo gallery and the original theatrical trailer (see next page for details). The Collector’s Edition DVD also includes limited edition packaging and a behind-the-scenes scrapbook with comments from Campbell and Coscarelli.

The Bubba Ho-Tep Collector’s Edition DVD features:

- Deleted scenes Seven minutes of never-before-seen deleted scenes with optional commentary by Don Coscarelli and Bruce Campbell including:

- “Hallway”

- “The Lady’s Room”

- “Footage From The Temple Room Floor” (no commentary)

- Audio commentary #1 Feature length audio commentary by Don Coscarelli and Bruce Campbell

- Audio commentary #2 Feature length audio commentary by “The King”

- Bubba Ho-Tep short story reading A reading by Joe R. Lansdale from his short story

- “Making-of Bubba Ho-Tep” 20-minute making-of documentary

- “To Make A Mummy” An inside look at how the filmmakers created the ancient mummy

- “Rock Like An Egyptian” A discussion on the scoring of the music by composer Bryan Tyler and Don Coscarelli

- “Fit For A King” A behind-the-scenes look at Bruce Campbell’s make-up and wardrobe

- Animated Photo Gallery 80 behind-the-scene photos

- Original theatrical trailer Trailer, as shown in theaters

When mysterious deaths plague the Shady Rest retirement home, it’s up to an aging, cantankerous Elvis Presley (Campbell) and a decrepit – and black – JFK (Davis) to defeat a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy with a penchant for sucking the souls from the barely living! Will this Bubba Ho-Tep make sure there’s never another Elvis sighting? Or can the King show the world that he can still take care of business?