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Movie Picture Beging released November 16th, the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is finally coming to DVD!

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Declared one of the ten best shows on television by Time, USA Today and Entertainment Weekly and named #3 of the top 25 cult shows ever by TV Guide, Fox Home Entertainment's breakout DVD series returns for a final season of slaying when the "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER" SEASON SEVEN DVD COLLECTION debuts on November 16, 2004. This final season returns to original mission statement of the show, the joy of female power: having it; using it; sharing it. After the re-opening of Sunnydale High School, Buffy and the gang prepare for the final showdown with a host of vampires and demons in which some will make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world—again. The "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER" SEASON SEVEN DVD COLLECTION features all 22 episodes from the final season along with loads of bonus features including audio commentary by creator Joss Whedon and others, a DVD-ROM demon guide, an outtake reel, multiple featurettes including an overview of the season and a behind-the-scenes look at wrapping the series, and an Easter Egg. The DVD set is priced at $59.98 US/$89.98 Canada and prebook is October 20, 2004.

Emmy Award®-winner Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as Buffy, the quick-witted heroine whose duty as the sole vampire slayer of her generation is to protect the world from the undead; yet she yearns to be normal. Trying to balance her new adult responsibilities with saving the world, Buffy remains cheerful and fierce throughout, even though her hometown of Sunnydale, California, sits atop a Hellmouth, a mystical portal where all the demons of the netherworld converge. As the 7th (and final) season begins, the series takes a surprising and typically innovative turn with the reopening of the high school. The startling development foretells of new challenges and threats, which promise that the battle against evil is far from over.

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Season Seven DVD Collection Special Features:

All 22 episodes of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" are compiled on six dual-layered discs (full frame: aspect ratio 1.33:1). Each episode is presented with English Dolby Surround, Spanish Dolby Surround and French Dolby Surround. The following is the breakdown for each disc:

Disc One:



"Beneath You"

"Same Time, Same Place"


Additional Bonus Feature:

Commentary for "Lessons" by Joss Whedon and David Solomon

DVD-ROM Willow Demon Guide

Disc Two:




"Conversations with Dead People"


Additional Bonus Feature:

Commentary for "Selfless" by Drew Goddard and David Solomon

Commentary for "Conversations with Dead People" by Nick Marck, Jane Espenson, Drew Goddard, Danny Strong, and Tom Lenk

Disc Three:


"Never Leave Me"

"Bring on the Night"


Additional Bonus Features:

"Buffy: It's Always Been About the Fans" featurette

Disc Four:



"The Killer In Me"

"First Date"

"Get It Done"

Additional Bonus Features:

Commentary for "The Killer In Me" by David Solomon and Drew Z. Greenberg

Disc Five:



"Lies My Parents Told Me"

"Dirty Girls"

"Empty Places"

Additional Bonus Features:

Commentary for "Lies My Parents Told Me" by David Fury, Drew Goddard, James Marsters, and D.B. Woodside

Commentary for "Dirty Girls" by Drew Goddard and Nicholas Brendon

Disc Six:



"End of Days"


Additional Bonus Features:

Commentary for "Chosen" by Joss Whedon

"Buffy Full Circle" Season Seven Overview featurette

"Buffy 101: Studying the Slayer" featurette

"Generation S" featurette

"The Last Sundown" featurette

"Buffy Wraps" featurette

Outtakes Reel

Easter Egg


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