Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released their dramatic comedy Celeste and Jesse Forever on Blu-ray and DVD February 5, the screenwriting debut of actress Rashida Jones. The writer-star portrays Celeste alongside Andy Samberg's Jesse, two lifelong friends who got married and then split up amicably, only to remain the best of friends. When both of them start dating, they both begin to realize what they wanted all along. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, what better way to spend a night in with your loved one than with this indie romance. To help you lovebirds out, we're giving away Celeste and Jesse Forever on DVD. Take a look at how you can win.

Celeste and Jesse Forever Blu-ray

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  • Celeste and Jesse Forever DVD


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Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jesse (Andy Samberg) met in high school, married young and are growing apart. Now thirty, Celeste is the driven owner of her own media consulting firm, Jesse is once again unemployed and in no particular rush to do anything with his life. Celeste is convinced that divorcing Jesse is the right thing to do -- she is on her way up, he is on his way nowhere, and if they do it now instead of later, they can remain supportive friends. Jesse passively accepts this transition into friendship, even though he is still in love with her.

As the reality of their separation sets in, Celeste slowly and painfully realizes she has been cavalier about their relationship, and her decision, which once seemed mature and progressive, now seems impulsive and selfish. The two come to learn that in order to truly love someone, you may have to let them go.

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