With Cinema 16: European Short Films currently in DVD stores nationwide, we thought we would class up our users DVD collections by giving away some copies of this release to them!

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- Cinema 16: European Short Films DVD

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Critically acclaimed upon its release overseas, this special two-disc edition features previously unseen films and early works by some of today's most notable filmmakers, as well as award-winning films from rising stars. In addition to the films, the set contains over three hours of commentaries, many by the filmmakers themselves. Called "A must-have for any film fan" by The Telegraph upon its European release, Cinema 16: European Short Films will be available on DVD September 25, 2007.

"Cinema16's goal is to raise the profile of short films, which have been integral to the careers of so many great directors," said Luke Morris, producer of the BAFTA-nominated short Je T'aime John Wayne and creator of the Cinema 16 label. "The line gives people access to incredibly strong works that might otherwise be seen only by film festival audiences and film school professors, if at all."

Cinema 16: European Short Films includes films by noted directors such as Christopher Nolan (Memento), Lars Von Trier (Dogville), Lynne Ramsay (Ratcatcher), Ridley Scott (Blade Runner), Roy Andersson (Songs from the Second Floor), Mathieu Kassovitz (La Haine) and Nanni Morettti (Dear Diary), as well as award-winning and celebrated shorts including Anders Thomas Jensen's Oscar winner Election Night, Juan Solanas' Cannes Jury Prize winner The Man Without a Head and Toby MacDonald's BAFTA nominated Je T'aime John Wayne.

Cinema 16 celebrates the short film by showcasing the best classic, cult and award-winning shorts on DVD. The label launched in Europe in 2003 with the release of British Short Films, a collection that includes films by Peter Greenaway, Mike Leigh and Stephen Daldry among others. That was followed up by the European Short Films release in 2004 and American Short Films, which includes works of Gus Van Sant, Andy Warhol, Tim Burton and others, in 2005.