When two veritable masters in the worlds of horror and fantasy – Todd McFarlane and Clive Barker – team up, the results are nothing short of spectacular, as evidenced by the 2001 and 2002 Tortured Souls action figure lines. The extremely popular Tortured Souls action figure line was optioned by Universal Pictures for film.

McFarlane and Barker went back to their twisted drawing boards to come up with a new series of figures even more twisted than the first two. What could be better than a day at the circus? How about a dark night at the circus with a personalized behind-the-scenes tour led by Todd McFarlane and Clive Barker? McFarlane Toys' third action figure project partnered with horror legend Barker has yielded The Infernal Parade, a collection highlighting the dingy dementia of this particular circus. Don't come alone. As an added bonus, Clive is writing a new story specifically for this line. Each figure will have a portion of the text inside the packaging; collect all six for the complete and exclusive new Clive Barker fiction.

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(Not for children under 17).

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Each figure comes with a base which will connect to one another to form a train of twisted attractions. Include in the series is:

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About McFarlane Toys Grammy- and Emmy-winning Producer/Director Todd McFarlane, best known as the creator of Spawn and the founder of spawn.com, is the creative force behind McFarlane Toys. The international award winning company is one of America’s top action figure manufacturers with several successful movie-licensing tie-ins, including Twentieth Century Fox's Alien vs. Predator. The company’s seminal Movie Maniacs 2004 series features horror icons from such films Robocop and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The company also makes official league-licensed figures for baseball, football, basketball and hockey its Sports Picks™ . McFarlane’s music lines for 2004 include a series of four Elvis Presley figures, KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimi Hendrix, Motley Crue and the Beatles. McFarlane’s signature creation, Spawn is currently on its 26th series, with millions of figures sold and a legion of fans worldwide.

Check out www.spawn.com for more information.

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