On October 10, holiday fun comes to the whole family with the release of Eloise: Little Miss Christmas! To celebrate we are giving away some copies to a few lucky people.

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Christmas Eve is drawing near, and when the Plaza's most famous six-year-old vows to put on the best holiday show ever a last minute cancellation threatens to sink the elaborate holiday celebration in an animated tale that offers holiday fun for the whole family. A variety of traditions from various cultures promise to make this year's show the biggest holiday event in Plaza history, but in the ensuing chaos Mr. Salamone is prompted to cancel the show just plans begin falling into place. Now it's up to Eloise to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, and as the kids scramble to save the show and Eloise ponders whether her surprise guest will truly show up, everyone is about to learn the most important holiday lesson of all.

DVD Features:

- Glitter Foil Packaging

- Music Video

- Gift Wrapped Kids

- Holiday Card Maker DVD Game

- From Paper to Movie

- Plaza Pals

Technical Specs:

- Run Time: 66 minutes

- Languages: English and Spanish