He’s rude, crude and stuffed with attitude…and he’s coming to DVD when “GREG THE BUNNY” THE COMPLETE SERIES makes its long-awaited debut on October 19, 2004 from Fox Home Entertainment. Extolled by fans and critics and condemned by others, the irreverent, outrageous series stars Seth Green (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Family Guy”) and Eugene Levy (American Pie) along with a host of offbeat puppets and people. Featuring every broadcast episode of the series on two discs, “GREG THE BUNNY” THE COMPLETE SERIES also includes two episodes that never aired on network television, cast and crew commentaries, multiple featurettes including “Puppet Auditions,” deleted scenes, conceptual artwork, photo galleries, Easter eggs, the ever-popular “Puppet Porn” and so much more. “GREG THE BUNNY” THE COMPLETE SERIES is priced at $26.98 ($37.98 Canada) and Prebook is September 22, 2004.

He’s rude, crude, and stuffed with attitude! Tired of being treated like a lowly puppet—he prefers the term “Fabricated-American”— Greg the Bunny persuades his human roommate, Jimmy (Seth Green), to get him a job interview with the director (Eugene Levy) of the “Sweetknuckle Junction” TV show. But instead of interviewing for the office job, Greg inadvertently lands the show’s starring role! Although he’s never acted a day in his life, an ecstatic Greg soon realizes, “This place is full of freaks. I’m gonna fit right in!”

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“GREG THE BUNNY” THE COMPLETE SERIES two-disc set is crammed with scandalously funny bonus material including two episodes that were never aired, audio commentary by series creator Dan Milano, Greg The Bunny, actors Seth Green, Bob Gunton, Sarah Silverman and Dina Waters, puppeteers Drew Massey, Victor Yerrid and James Murray, director/editor Brent Carpenter, production designer Jim Dultz, music supervisor Howard Paar, property master Brad Elliot, Tardy the Turtle, Count Blah, Rochester Rabbit, Susan the Monster and Warren “The Ape” Demontague. The DVD is presented in 1.33:1 aspect ratio in full screen with English 2.0. The following is the breakdown for each disc:

Disc One


- Welcome to Sweet Knuckle Junction

- Sock Like Me

- Dottie Heat

- SK - 2.0

- Piddler on the Roof

- Rabbit Redux

Special Features:

- Commentary on select episodes

- Featurette: “The Humans Behind the Fabricated Americans”

- Featurette: “Puppet Auditions”

- Deleted and Extended Scenes with optional commentary by Dan Milano

- Conceptual Artwork (32 stills)

- Easter Egg: Warren's Play - Dailies

Disc Two


- Father and Son Reunion

- Jimmy Drives Gil Crazy

- Greg Gets Puppish

- Surprise!

- The Jewel Heist

- The Singing Mailman

- Blah Bawls

Special Features:

- Commentary on select episodes

- Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by Dan Milano

- Director's Storyboard - Jimmy Drives Gil Crazy (84 stills)

- "Tardy Delivery" with optional commentary

- Puppet Porn (3 stills)

- IFC: The Greg the Bunny Show – “Reality”

- Wrap Reel

- Behind the Scenes Stills (20 stills)

- Publicity Gallery: Promos, Publicity Stills (40 stills)

- Greg The Bunny and Seth Green Interview

- 9 Easter Eggs


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