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Chris Carter, the award-winning creator of “The X-Files” opens another dimension of sci-fi mystery and mythology when Fox Home Entertainment releases the

“Harsh Realm” The Complete Series DVD Collection on August 24. The innovative, haunting series, “Harsh Realm” is the ultimate mind game, exploring a virtual reality world created by the military where anything is possible. The show revolves around Lt. Thomas Hobbes (Scott Bairstow), a military man who finds himself fighting for survival when he enters a top-secret computer simulated land code-named “Harsh Realm” that has no rules and no mercy. The collectible three-disc set includes all nine episodes from the series, including six never-before seen episodes and a featurette for a suggested retail price of $39.98 U.S./$54.98 Canada. Prebook is July 28.


After seeing the horrors of war in Sarajevo, Lt. Thomas Hobbes (Scott Bairstow) is finally ready to settle down in California with his fiancée Sophie (Samantha Mathis). But the military has one last assignment: Test out the newest in military combat training -- a top-secret computer simulation code-named "Harsh Realm." Once inside the game, Hobbes immediately finds himself fighting for his life and struggling to comprehend what is real and what is not. Trapped in a dangerous world with no rules and no mercy, he tries to figure out how to save all the "virtual characters" who live in the Realm. Hobbes soon realizes that the only way out of the Realm is to complete his "mission" to return to the real world.

“Harsh Realm” The Complete Series DVD Special Features And Disc Content Specifics:

The “Harsh Realm” episodes are compiled on three dual-layered discs and include English and Spanish Dolby Surround and have English and Spanish subtitles. The series is presented in 1:78:1 aspect ratio. In addition, the following episodes and special features are exclusive to each disc:

Disc 1

- Pilot with commentary by Chris Carter and another by Dan Sackheim

- Leviathan

- Inga Fossa

- Kein Ausgang

Disc 2

- Reunion

- Three Percenters

- Mannus Domini

- Cincinatti

Disc 3

- Camera Obscura

- Making-of Featurette: “Inside The Harsh Realm”

- Creating the Logo & Title Sequence Featurette


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