In celebration of the recent launch of The Sci Fi Channel's Who Wants to Be a Superhero? reality show, and MovieWeb are giving away some fantastic prizes from the show to some lucky readers!

Here's what you could win:

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- A press kit autographed by Stan Lee and some of the cast{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}- T-Shirts from the show

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POW! Entertainment along with the Sci Fi Channel and Nash Entertainment (Meet My Folks, For Love or Money, Who Wants to Marry My Dad? ), are producing this new six-episode, one-hour weekly competition reality series that will challenge a lucky few to create their very own superhero and reward the winner with the best reality competition prize yet: immortality!

Each contestant begins with an original idea for a superhero, a self-made costume, and their best superhero mojo. From thousands of hopefuls, Stan Lee chooses 11 lucky finalists who must live together during the entire competition in a secret lair. There they will begin their transformations -- and the competition begins for the opportunity to become real-life superheroes. Over the course of the series, they will test their mettle, try to overcome their limitations, and do what it takes to prove that they truly are super.

The finalists will leave their former lives behind and live as their brainchild heroes 24/7, and Stan Lee in Donald Trump fashion, will be both Judge and Jury. As each week progresses, POW!'s aspiring heroes will be challenged with competitions designed to test their true natures. The superhero contestants will be tested for courage, integrity, self-sacrifice, compassion, and resourcefulness -- all traits that every true Stan Lee superhero must possess.

In the end, only one aspiring superhero will have the inner strength and nobility to open the gates to comic-book immortality. The winner of this six-week competition will walk away with their character immortalized in a new comic book created by Stan Lee himself. And that's not all -- the winning character will also appear in an original SCI FI Channel movie!