24: Season 6 is coming to DVD on December 4, and if the huge ratings for this show are any indication, this should be one of the best-selling DVD's of the year. But who wants to buy DVD's when you can get them for free from your pals at MovieWeb? Yeah, that's what I thought... Not only are we giving away copies of the 24: Season 6 DVD, but one lucky Grand Prize Winner will also win a very cool bonus book: The Official CTU Operations Manual! You better enter this as fast as your fingers can fly, folks.

Grand Prize Winner Receives:

- 24: Season 6 7-disc DVD set

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- The Official CTU Operations Manual

First Prize Winners Receive:

- 24: Season 6 7-disc DVD set

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After twenty months in a Chinese prison, Jack Bauer is suddenly returned to the United States. But instead of being free, Jack's release is part of a secret deal: his life in return for the location of Hamri Al-Assad, the leader of a terrorist organization that has unleashed a wave of terror across the country. A broken man, physically and mentally, Jack agrees to the exchange. But when he learns that his new captor, Abu Fayed, is actually the man behind the attacks and that his own sacrifice is meaningless, Jack lashes out and escapes. Now he must convince the President and CTU that the man they are trying to kill may be the only man who can end the rapidly escalating violence.

Special Features

- Alternate Ending

- "24" Season 7 Preview

- Extended / Deleted Scenes (with optional commentary by Co-Executive Producer Stephen Kronish, Co-Producer Paul Gadd and Editor Scott Powell)

- Master Illusionist: 24's Special Effects Make-up featurette

- "24" Season 6: Inside the Writer's Room featurette

- "24" Season 6: Opening with a Bang featurette

- Deleted cameo scene with Ricky Gervais

- Webcast Diaries

- Inside CTU

- Stunts / Special Effects

- The Mix

- The Sets

- Helicopter Explosion

- Poor Man's Process

- Storming Fayed's Apt.

- Background Talent

- The 1st AD's

- Prop Department: Weapons

- Prop Department: Shoot Outs

- Watching Paint Dry

- The Editor's Cut

- Location Lighting

- Editing Episode 617

- Wardrobe Part 1

- Wardrobe Part 2

- Casting Part 1

- Casting Part 2

- Filming Scene 2209

- Set Decoration

- "Day Six Debrief" Mobisodes

- Public Service Announcement from Kiefer Sutherland

- DVD-ROM Exclusive: The Technology of "24" featurette

- Easter Egg: 24 Minutes: Jack Bauer on The Simpsons