Balls of Fury will be released on DVD and HD DVD on December 18. To celebrate this comedy's release, we're giving some great stuff away, since we know how much our readers love great, free stuff! Not only will we be giving away the Balls of Fury standard DVD, BUT we also have copies of the Balls of Fury Wii video game and we even have ping pong paddles and balls from the movie! That's not all! One grand prize winner will receive a $250 gift certificate from KillerSpin to buy some great ping pong gear for yourself! This is a huge contest so don't hesitate!

Also, if you're up for some ping-pong on the computer, we were sent along a link to a cool little Balls of Fury Ping-Pong Game that you can play yourself. If you get enough points, you can even unlock hidden bonus features on the DVD! CLICK HERE to play this game.

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Movie Picture

Grand Prize Winner Receives:

- $250 KillerSpin gift certificate

- Balls of Fury DVD

- Balls of Fury Wii console game

First Prize Winners Receive:

- Balls of Fury DVD

- Balls of Fury Wii console game

- Balls of Fury ping pong paddle & ball set

CLICK HERE to enter this contest!

A disgraced former ping pong champion is drawn back into the world of high-stakes table tennis to carry out a top-secret mission from Reno 911!: Miami writer/director Ben Garant. Far removed from the rigidly regulated world of professional sports, clandestine ping pong tournaments offer thrilling competition where only the strong survive. There was a time when the mere mention of the name Randy Daytona (Dan Fogler) was enough to make even those most hardened ping pong player cower in fear, but these days Randy has fallen out of favor with ping-pong fans. The former champ soon receives a much-needed shot at redemption, however, when he is recruited by a determined FBI agent named Rodriguez (George Lopez) to win a coveted spot in the upcoming underground table tennis tournament and ferret out the nefarious Feng (Christopher Walken), whose thriving criminal empire has transformed him into a true menace to society.

Special Features

- Deleted Scenes

- Alternate Ending

- Balls Out: The Making of Balls of Fury

- Under the Balls: The Life of a Ball Wrangler