The Unit: Season 4, the last season of this CBS series, will be released on DVD on September 29, along with The Unit: The Complete Giftset, a 19-disc set containing the entire series in one set. You know we have to celebrate this popular series so we have a very special contest lined up for our readers. Not only are we giving away these six-disc The Unit: Season 4 DVD sets, but one lucky grand prize winner will take home this mammoth The Unit: The Complete Giftset 19-disc set! You know these sets will go fast, so be sure to enter this contest today.

Grand Prize Winner Receives:

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  • The Unit: The Complete Giftset 19-disc DVD set

First Prize Winners Receive:

  • The Unit: Season 4 six-disc DVD set

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Known only as The Unit, this ultra-secret contingent of Special Forces soldiers operate outside the usual military chain of command. Their very existence is a closely held secret protected by the soldiers themselves. Their wives, who are also in on the secret, strictly adhere to a fictitious cover story that is provided for them. "The Unit" chronicles a team of unknown heroes who, without ever receiving credit, risk their lives while protecting others.

Season 4 Special Features:

  • Into Hell: A Brotherhood Divided
  • - Shadow Riders: A Western Come Undone
  • - Snake Doctor: A Leader Among Us