Lone Rider is coming to DVD on September 16 and we certainly want to celebrate this new release. We have another contest running here and we're giving away copies of this DVD to our readers. These discs will go fast, so be quick on the draw and enter this contest today.

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- Lone Rider DVD

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In the American West, Medal of Honor-winner Bob Hattaway (Phillips) returns home to Pelton, Nevada where a lot has changed. With a railroad coming through town, ruthless Stu Croaker (Spano) is aiming to become the largest landowner in the county. Filthy rich and corrupt to the bone, he's in control of every major business in town, except for the one that will give him the monopoly on a promising new whistle stop: Overland Pride, the Hattaway's family business. However, Bobby isn't going to let that happen, and when Stu's strong-armed tactics turn deadly, Bobby resorts to fighting back with a vengeance.