Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Vol. 6 was released on DVD on October 21, but if you haven't had the chance to get to the store for this new release, we have just the thing for you. We have another contest running and we're giving away copies of this four-disc DVD set to our readers. These sets will surely go fast, so be sure to enter this contest today.

Winners Receive:

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- Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Vol. 6 four-disc DVD set

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We've saved the best for last... more of your favorite Looney Tunes...your wish is our command. The concluding release from the Golden Collection Series is a 4-disc set with 60 more of the most looneytic Looney Tunes ever unleashed. Plus, 15 bonus shorts to make this the biggest collection of Looney Tunes ever! Indeed, some have never before been on home video!

Special Features:

- All-new documentary profile Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices

- Commentaries by animators, historians profiling specific cartoons, characters and creators

- Music-only and music-and-effects tracks on selected shorts

- 2 Looney Tunes TV specials starring Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck

- Bonus rarities from the vaults, including Friz Freleng at MGM cartoons and the World of Leon Schlesinger gallery