On October 10 Me, Eloise will make it's way to DVD!

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As Eloise begins preparation for her sixth birthday celebration, the planning for her extravagant party suddenly goes awry with the arrival of a young Japanese violin prodigy who inadvertently steals the spotlight away from the birthday girl in this animated tale of friendship and understanding featuring the voices of Lynn Redgrave and Tim Curry. Eloise is certain that her sixth birthday party will be the best bash ever, but when young Yuko arrives in the Plaza and floors her peers with her truly spectacular musical skills, the soon-to-be birthday girl takes it upon herself to show the new arrival just how fun the Plaza can be with a little imagination and a healthy dose of creativity.

DVD Features

- Glitter Foil Packaging

- Music Video

- Weenie to the Rescue DVD Game

- Birthday Party Invitation Maker

- From Paper to Movie

- Plaza Pals

Technical Specs:

- Run Time: 45

- Languages: English, Spanish