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Let Mister Rogers help your kids get ready for the new school year as Anchor Bay Entertainment releases the new DVD title Mister Rogers Neighborhood: Going to School.

In stores now, Going to School features two cherished 30 minute episodes from the original series. Both episodes encourage children to talk about what they might be thinking and feeling as they prepare for the new experiences that come with the beginning of the school year.

The new DVD release is available with an exclusive custom on-pack yellow school bus. The suggested retail price for both the DVD and DVD with school bus is $14.98. Recommended for children ages two and up, the DVD release is also loaded with all-new games, including 2 interactive DVD-ROM games, activities and other fun bonus features.

Each DVD comes with a companion booklet, featuring special care-giving tips from the expert staff of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. The booklet provides a broad range of suggestions designed to help parents and care-givers reduce stress and anxiety about school and help children to become better learners. Topics covered in the booklet include:

- Helping Your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten

- What You Can Do to Help Your Child Feel More Comfortable About Starting School

- Once School Starts, How You Can Help Your Child Get Off to a Good Start

- How You Can Help Your Child Talk About How Things Are Going at School

- How to Help Your Child Enjoy Books

- Everyday Ways to Help Your Child be a Better Learner

- How Play and Learning are Connected

In the first episode, Mister Rogers Goes to School, Mister Rogers introduces the audience to a school bus driver who shows him around the bus and takes him for a ride. Meanwhile, in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Anna, Prince Tuesday and Daniel find out how good it can be to learn something new on the first day of school.

The second episode, "Learning," finds the children at the school in Make-Believe with a big decision to make. Which is a better way to learn - taking field trips or using a fancy ‘learning machine?' In the end, they work together to find a solution.

The DVD bonus features include:

- Crayon Factory Tour – the most-popular and most-requested factory tour!

- Two DVD-ROM Games: "Speedy Delivery Matching Fun" and "Build a Neighborhood"

- DVD Game: "Help Pack Your Lunch"

- Sing-Along: "Did You Know?"

- Read-Along: "A Piece of Red Paper"

- Recipe Fun: Alphabet Soup and Egg Salad Sandwich

- Activities: "Making Modeling Dough Letters" and "Flashlight Fun"

- Neighborhood Gallery

- About Fred Rogers: Photo Album

Communicating at a pace that is comfortable for young children and based on widely accepted principles of child development and psychology, Fred Rogers' carefully structured programs help his television neighbors feel safe, calm and understood, with an overall objective of strengthening children's sense of self-esteem.

As fads in television and society change, the basic developmental tasks of early childhood remain constant. Still airing daily on PBS in virtually all U.S. markets, the ageless values seen in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood remain the gold standard of how children's programming can be used to enlighten, educate and improve the social behavior of children. Generation after generation, the series continues to win the love and trust of children and their parents, along with the critical acclaim of teachers, educators, pediatricians, child development specialists and television peers.