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Arriving like a comet, he danced on tables, drunk with passion tor life and art and his ending was the tragedy of true genius like Van Gogh and Mozart.

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He was Modigliani.

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It is 1919. The Great War is over and Paris nightlife is filled with dark passions and uncontrollable obsessions. In the cafe Rotonde, the refuge of the artistic elite, we find a table, unlike any other in history: Picasso, Rivera, Stein, Cocteau, Soutine, Utrilloand Modigliani. This is the untold story of the bitter rivalry between Modigliani and Picasso. Two men whose envy of each other is fuelled by their brilliance, their arrogance, their passions. It is also the story of the greatest love tragedy in art history. Jeanne Hebuterne was a beautiful young Catholic girl whose only fault, in her father's eyes was to fall in love with Modigliani, a Jew. Driven by this religious bigotry, Jeanne's father secretly sends their baby away to a convent in some far place. At the same time Paris is preparing for the yearly art competi-tion. The prize is money and a guaranteed career. But, until this moment Picasso has never entered because he is Picasso. And Modigliani has never entered for that same reason.

But now, Modigiiani is cornered. He and Jeanne need to save their child. Drunk with anger, soaked by rain, he bursts into the Rotonde, and watched by Picasso, and all the others, he puts his name to the competition. Picasso then gets up and signs his own name. Paris becomes frenzied with excitement! And now it begins...

A fast train moves through the night that shapes the lives of all involved. And as darkness falls, the artists take refuge before their blank canvases and begin to create their greatest work...

For Soutine a simple piece of beef. For Rivera, Frida in a bottle. For Picasso, his wife Olga. And for Modigliani it will be Jeanne. Beautiful Jeanne.

Destiny will watch over this great night and the next day she will deal a hand that shaped all their lives for the rest of time...