Win Out of This World Prizes from 9{4} hits theaters nationwide on September 9th, and to celebrate the release of this cool new CGI fantasy film from first time director Shane Acker and producers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov, we are having an exciting new contest set up. If you act fast, you can win an exciting prize bundle that includes a book, a soundtrack, a mini poster, and some trading cards from the film. You know this stuff is going to fly out the door fast, so enter this new contest today!

Winners Receive:

  • 9 Books
  • - 9 Official Movie Soundtracks
  • - 9 Mini Posters
  • - 9 Trading Cards
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9 is a feature-length expansion of Shane Acker's short film of the same name. The action-packed tale takes place in a world parallel to our own, in which the very legacy of humanity is threatened. A community of fully mobile rag dolls living a post-apocalyptic existence find one of their own, 9 (Elijah Wood), displaying leadership qualities that may help them to survive. The conflicted but resilient community includes 1 (Christopher Plummer), a domineering war veteran; 2 (Martin Landau), an aged inventor; 5 (John C. Reilly), a stalwart mechanic; 6 (Crispin Glover), a visionary and artist; and 7 (Jennifer Connelly), a brave warrior. 9 opens on September 9th, 2009.