Planet of the Apes 40th Anniversary Collection will be released in a five-disc Blu-ray set on November 4 and we just have to celebrate this upcoming boxed set. We have another contest in the works and we're giving away copies of this five-disc set to our readers. These massive sets will surely go fast, so enter this contest today!

Winners Receive:

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- Planet of the Apes 40th Anniversary Collection five-disc Blu-ray set

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The compelling and classic 1968 Planet Of The Apes stars Oscar-winner Charlton Heston (Ben-Hur, 1960) as an astronaut who crash lands on a planet ruled by apes who use a primitive race of humans for experimentation and sport. Beneath The Planet Of The Apes tells the story of a daring rescue mission that leads to a subterranean city where mutant humans worship a weapon capable of destroying the entire planet. In Escape From The Planet Of The Apes, two futuristic simians who have traveled to present-day Earth enjoy celebrity status-until a government plot forces them to run for their lives! In Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes, apes have been domesticated and trained as pets and personal servants-until their continual mistreatment leads to a spectacular revolt. In the final Apes chapter, Battle For The Planet Of The Apes, an idyllic society of man and ape is threatened by both a militant gorilla and a tribe of still-intelligent mutant humans.

Special Features:

- NEW Science of the Apes BONUSVIEW - Scientists, anthropologists and sociologists discuss the facts and fiction of the first film

- NEW "Beyond the Forbidden Zone" Adventure Game

- NEW "A Public Service Announcement From ANSA" in HD - A mission report from the agency regarding their brave astronauts

- NEW "Evolution of the Apes"- HD featurette tracing the apes story from the original novel to the screen

- NEW "Impact of the Apes" - HD featurette on how to market a worldwide pop culture phenomenon. The story behind the marketing and merchandising of one of the first ever film franchises and the series' lasting influence on pop culture through the years

- NEW HD Making-of Featurette for Each Sequel:

- Beneath the Planet of the Apes - "From Alpha to Omega: Building a Sequel"

- Escape from the Planet of the Apes - " The Secret Behind Escape"

- Conquest of the Planet of the Apes - " Riots and Revolutions: Confronting the Times"

- Battle for the Planet of the Apes - " End of an Epic: The Final Battle"

- NEW Each Apes sequel will have an isolated score track in 5.1 DTS Master Audio

- Commentary by Composer Jerry Goldsmith

- Commentary by Actors Roddy McDowall, Natalie Trundy, Kim Hunter and Makeup Artist John Chambers


- Text Commentary by Eric Greene and Author of "Planet of the Apes as American Myth"

- Behind the Planet of the Apes Documentary - Includes all new interactivity and timeline

- Behind the Planet of the Apes Promo (1988)

- Planet of the Apes Makeup Test with Edward G. Robinson (1966)

- Roddy McDowall On-set Footage

- Planet of the Apes Dailies and Outtakes (No Audio)

- Planet of the Apes NATO Presentation (1967)

- Planet of the Apes Vintage Featurette (1968)

- A Look Behind the Planet of the Apes (1972)

- Don Taylor Directs Escape from the Planet of the Apes

- J. Lee Thompson Directs Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

- Original Theatrical Trailers

- Original Sketches by Costume Designer Morton Haack

- Photo Gallery

- Planet of the Apes Timeline

- Interactive Pressbooks

- Vintage Apes Newspaper Galleries

- Advertising and Lobby Card Galleries

- Behind-the-Scenes Galleries