Celebrity chic meets outrider art when an unpredictable mix of rock stars, celebrity VIPs, locals and tourists visit Vegas' first casino tattoo parlor, in A&E Network's new real life series INKED, premiering on Wednesday, July 20 with back-to-back episodes, 9 and 9:30PM/8 and 8:30C. It's sure to get under your skin.

Every body has a story. Set on the cutting edge of anything-goes Las Vegas, INKED takes a real-life look at the pioneering Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company. Each week, in back-to-back episodes, we follow founder and freestyle motocross champ Carey Hart as he caters to high-profile clients while also managing his staff of temperamental artists, all within the glamorous confines of the Palms Casino Resort. Carey opened the shop in 2004 and now runs it with co-owner Thomas Pendleton, who has been tattooing since he was fourteen. Thomas is sure the shop will be a huge success, but he worries that his employees are "stuck on stupid."

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Meet the employees:

DIZZLE runs errands, sweeps the floors, and is eager to become shop apprentice. Hazed nonstop by mentor Thomas, Dizzle is eventually allowed to start training. Step No. 1: Tattooing designs on grapefruits, because citrus peel shares many of the characteristics of human skin.

CLARK is one of H&H's senior artists. Years ago, Clark lost an eye in an accident and now he wears an ominous patch. He's confident that his lack of three-dimensional perspective makes him a better artist. Clark's loyal clients seem to agree. They fly in from all over the world for his custom inks.

QUINN is the sexy 20-something California blonde receptionist. Quinn's questionable work ethic stirs up constant tension.

BIG E is a massive Samoan whose gentle touch surprises clients.

MONICA is the shop manager, whose fling with Thomas is threatening the parlor's future.

CHANGE OF HART{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Wednesday July 20th at 9PM/ 8C

It's been several months since the grand opening of Hart & Huntington and the shop's owners have had enough of each other. Hart wants to keep the shop open but Huntington isn't playing nice. If Hart and Huntington can't settle their differences, the shop will be shuttered.

PULL IT TOGETHER, DIZZLE{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Wednesday July 20th at 9:30PM/8:30C

Dizzle, the shop helper and resident goofball, has made the decision to become a tattoo artist and the first step on that path is getting an apprenticeship. But apprenticing under Thomas and Clark won't be easy. These guys earned their ink the hard way and they're not about to just hand Dizzle the needle.

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