We're giving away some great prizes from Ondi Timoner's DIG!, which is now in theaters in NY and LA.

We're giving away the following to some lucky MovieWeb readers:

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- Movie Poster

- T-shirt

- Dandy Warhols CD

- Brian Jonestown CD

- A selected PALM Pictures DVD

Dig! follows the talented underground musicians Anton Newcombe, leader of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Courtney Taylor, head of The Dandy Warhols – star-crossed friends and bitter rivals. From the moment they met Anton Newcombe and Courtney Taylor quickly bonded over a desire to not conform to the tastes of the recording industry. Yet the musicians' choices over how to express their creativity and originality in a profit-driven industry eventually put them at irreconcilable odds. Shot over seven years and culled from 1,500 hours of footage, "Dig!" is about both musicians' love and obsession, gigs and recordings, arrests and death threats, uppers and downers, and their choice between art and industry.

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