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Anchor Bay Entertainment, in association with Painted Zebra Releasing, is proud to announce the nationwide theatrical release of the horror film that proves they do still make ‘em like they used to. Carving out a notable niche in the genre, by paying stylish tribute to tension-filled slasher films of the past, Malevolence has proven itself an audience favorite, taking the awards for Best Feature at the New York City Horror Film Festival and Best 35mm Feature at the Long Island International Film Festival. Now this imaginative homage to classic horror is poised to bring malevolent evil back into the mainstream, with theatrical screenings in select cities, preceded by special midnight showings targeting fans of the genre, including students looking to end their summer break with a scream. Anchor Bay's national theatrical roll-out of this highly-anticipated title began in August in

Long Island, NY and will continue through 2005.

Malevolence is a rarity in 2004--a horror film for horror buffs, which Brian Smolock of The Horror Report gave "four weapons of mass destruction out of five" and about which Fangoria declared, "There's more scream than Scream to this horror homage."

The audience will brace for a film that Film Threat sums up best as a horror film wherein “once the scares start, they don't stop. Malevolence is relentless in its pursuit to frighten the hell out of you, and it succeeds. By creating a killer that is so demented, yet human, Mena has also refined the modern horror tale by ridding it of all the superfluous teenaged sex romps and alcohol–induced dream sequences. This film is pure terror, pure unadulterated fear."

Like many horror pioneers before him--from John Carpenter to Sam Raimi--Mena put the experience he gained, as a fan of classic horror films, to good use, writing, producing, scouting locations, financing, casting, catering, directing, editing, scoring his own music and even creating the official website for Malevolence. The result is an independent horror film unlike any to come out of Hollywood in decades. "I'm excited that Malevolence has been included alongside such a horror classic as Evil Dead," says Mena. "Both films have similar micro budget backgrounds, and I'm a huge fan of Sam. I hope to follow in his footsteps, since Sam Raimi has proven he can excel in almost every genre, and I'm a fan of all of his work.


Created as the middle section of a three-part trilogy, Malevolence takes place ten years after the unspeakable crimes of a deranged madman. When a bungled bank robbery intersects with inhabitants of the Pennsylvania farm country, a raw and edgy descent into terrifying madness unfolds.

Malevolence is presented theatrically by leading independent video distributor Anchor Bay Entertainment in association with New York-based distributor, Painted Zebra Releasing, planning an August roll-out national theatrical release. Anchor Bay Entertainment (Evil Dead, Halloween, Dawn Of The Dead, Highlander®, and thousands of titles in library) is dedicated to releasing outstanding films to the home video and DVD market.


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