Paycheck: We're giving YOU, our visitors, a chance to win some great prizes from the upcoming sci-fi thriller, Paycheck, starring Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman!

You'll have a chance at winning:

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- A 10 song key chain recorder

- A Paycheck Long sleeve

- A Paycheck Short Sleeve

- A mini Paycheck poster

So how do you win? Simple.

If you haven't been there already, access our forums and get yourself an account. Dive right into our film community by talking about various subject matters throughout the board. Every time you engage in a conversation and post you'll earn a point for your intelligent conversation. Every time you start a worthy, yet original thread in our boards you'll be awarded 2 points. By the end of the contest, ending on January 12th, the top 2 people with the most points will win themselves a prize pack!

CLICK HERE to get yourself on the message boards and get to earning points!