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"I'm like King Midas in reverse.

Everything I touch turns to @#*!." -Tony Soprano

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On Sunday, March 12, at 9PM, the final season of one of the greatest shows in the history of television will begin it's final 12 hour run, with another 8 hour wrap up set to finalize the show in January, 2007.

In the upcoming 6th season of The Sopranos, new challenges abound for Tony Soprano as his life grows increasingly complicated. Now that he and Carmela are back together, they must face the reality that their kids are no longer children, but not yet grown. And with [New York mob boss] Johnny Sack in prison, the always-tense relations between the New Jersey and New York families are strained even further.

Creator David Chase's drama series stars three-time Emmy® winners James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano and Edie Falco as Tony's wife Carmela, plus Lorraine Bracco as therapist Dr. Jennifer Melfi, Michael Imperioli as Tony's nephew Christopher Moltisanti, and Dominic Chianese as Uncle Junior.

The 13 episodes of last season, Season 5, focused on mob boss Tony Soprano's separation from his wife Carmela, as well as the new challenges he faced at home and work, from within his immediate family, other mob families, and law enforcement.

The saga continues in March with 10 new episodes that will remind audiences why The Sopranos® has become one of the most watched series in television history.

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