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“Grand Champion” is an entertaining adventure that promises to delight audiences of all ages. From its touching story to its charming characters to its upbeat Texas music, there’s something for everyone.

The adventure begins with the love between a twelve-year old boy, Buddy, and his steer, Hokey Pokey and Buddy’s determination to raise Hokey into a “Grand Champion”. Buddy’s family and best friend Edgar work hard to raise enough money to get Buddy and Hokey to the competition. Mission accomplished, they all pack up and head to the big city.

The competition is stiff, but Hokey is named Grand Champion. Buddy decides to help his family by selling his prize steer. Blandford International purchases Hokey for a record setting $775,000.00. When Buddy learns that Hokey will be BBQ the following weekend, he and Edgar "cow-nap" Hokey.

It’s not long before the runner-up in the Grand Champion competition learns that if Hokey is not returned soon, he will be named Grand Champion. The runner-up plans to make sure Hokey doesn’t show up! Blandford also will stop at nothing to retrieve his latest acquisition. The chase is on… Who will find the boys and Hokey first? Will they make it home safely? And what will come of Hokey Pokey?

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