The History Channel's 'Alexander the Great ': On Sunday, November 7th, The History Channel is airing a Special Presentation of Alexander the Great – a 3 hour event hosted by Emmy nominated Peter Woodward. 

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Alexander of Macedon was raised to conquer the world.  By age 18, he had become a fearsome warrior, a cunning tactician, and a natural leader.  He was crowned king at age 20 and spent the next 12 years forging an empire more powerful than anything the world had ever seen.  During his life, he was hailed a king, a pharaoh, a warrior, and a conqueror.  Many even believed he was the son of Zeus.  For history, he is eternally remembered as ALEXANDER THE GREAT.  This world premiere programs airs Sunday, November 7th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The History Channel®.


Movie PictureALEXANDER THE GREAT is a special 3-hour presentation from The History Channel hosted by Peter Woodward.  The program chronicles the brief, but extraordinary, life of Alexander from his birth in Greece, through his education as a student of Aristotle, through his campaign of conquest across Greece, Egypt, and Persia, to his tragic death and the destruction of his empire.  Peter Woodward travels to the lands once ruled by Alexander and walks in the conqueror’s footsteps.  Viewers are taken to the palaces, the oracles, the tombs, and the battlefields that shaped an empire over 2000 years ago.


Alexander was born in the 4th century BC to King Philip the Second of Macedonia and his wife Olympias.  The young boy excelled at athletics and academics and eventually became the student of the philosopher Aristotle.  He was also given extensive military training in order to prepare him for the day he would inherit the throne.  When he was 18 years old, Alexander joined his father on the battlefield for the first time at Chaeronea and was instrumental in winning the fight.


In 336 BC, King Philip was assassinated and Alexander ascended to the throne.  Modern scholars have suggested that Alexander and his mother were involved in the plot.  Yet, at the time, Alexander was immensely popular and commanded tremendous respect.  Only 20 years old, he immediately began to build an empire that would be remembered for millennia.  After spending six months squashing feuds in Greece, Alexander embarked on a massive military campaign that took his armies into Persia to face King Darius.  Over the next 12 years, Alexander would lead 30,000 men across 20,000 miles to a bloody, but stunning victory.


ALEXANDER THE GREAT traces Alexander’s campaign of conquest across the known-world.  Peter Woodward takes viewers back to the locations of Alexander’s greatest moments.  Included are visits to:

* Troy—where Alexander visited Achilles’ tomb.

* The River Granicus—where the Greek army first encountered Darius’ forces.

* Gordium—where Alexander found a solution to the Gordian Knot.

* Issus—where Alexander’s 30,000 men defeated Darius’ army of 500,000.

* Tyre—the walled, island city that gave Alexander control of the sea.

* Alexandria—one of the many cities named after Alexander in Egypt.

Movie PictureAfter conquering Persia, Alexander set his sights on India, but was soon injured and began heading back west to Greece.  He died sometime during the night between June 10th and 11th, 323 B.C., at age 32, of an unknown illness.  His body found a resting place in Alexandria, but was lost after the Ptolemaic pharaohs fell from power.  After his death, his wife Roxanne, his son Alexander, and his mother were all put to death.  The empire he had struggled to forge was soon divided up by more than twenty rulers. 


ALEXANDER THE GREAT explores many of the key mysteries surrounding the legendary ruler.  Why did so many people, including Alexander himself, believe he was the son of a god?  Was Alexander involved in the assassination plot against his father?  Why did he become so paranoid and kill his top generals after conquering Persia?  Why were some people concerned about his intimate relationship with Hephaestion?  And ultimately, what would have happened if Alexander had not died so young. 


Executive Producer for The History Channel is Carl H. Lindahl.  ALEXANDER THE GREAT  is produced for The History Channel by Greystone Communications.


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