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Modern Marvels: Everyone, sometime, somewhere, has looked at something in awe and asked the timeless question, “How did they do that?” Celebrating ingenuity, invention and imagination brought to life on a grand scale, MODERN MARVELS tells the fascinating stories of the doers, dreamers and sometime-schemers who created everyday items, technological breakthroughs and man-made wonders. This original series shows us where we’ve been, how we got there and where we are going.

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Fast-paced, fun and informative, MODERN MARVELS is The History Channel’s signature series focusing on historical technology. The series has focused (among other things) on wonders of construction (Erie Canal, The Pentagon, Chesapeake Bay Bridge, The Big Dig), the machinery of war (Nuclear Submarines, Tanks) as well as technology linked to the everyday (power tools, home tech, garbage).


The following are upcoming WORLD PREMIERE MODERN MARVELS episodes:


(airing Wednesday, August 25th at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT)


Take a ride aboard some of the most cutting-edge aircraft ever developed, from the X-1, the jet that broke the sound barrier, to the X-43 Scramjet that recently flew at Mach 7, faster than any jet has ever flown.


Among the planes profiled are U-2 and the SR-71 Cold War spy planes that played a crucial role in the Cold War assessing the strength of the Soviet military, and "flying Wing" style bombers developed by Northrup. 


EXTREME AIRCRAFT takes viewers inside Lockheed Martin’s top-secret “Skunkworks” division, which developed many of these extreme aircraft, including new the F/A-22 Raptor, an aircraft that's even stealthier than the F-117 Stealth Fighter, and can fly at 2 1/2 times the speed of sound.

Now reaching more than 86 million Nielsen subscribers, The History Channel,®  "Where the Past Comes Alive,®"  brings history to life in a powerful manner and provides an inviting place where people experience history personally and connect their own lives to the great lives and events of the past.  The History Channel received the prestigious Governor's award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for the network's "Save Our History®" campaign dedicated to historic preservation and education.

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