Showtime Entertainment announces the DVD release of the raucous motion picture Reefer Madness The Movie Musical, starring Neve Campbell, Christian Campbell, Kristen Bell, Alan Cumming, Ana Gasteyer, Amy Spanger, Robert Torti and Steven Weber. Inspired by the legendary 1936 film of the same name, Reefer Madness The Movie Musical is on DVD shelves now.

In celebration og the DVD's release, we're giving away copies of the disc to some lucky MovieWeb readers! Feelin' lucky? CLICK HERE

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David Bowers, Vice President of Marketing for Showtime said, "Six months ago the retail community was very lukewarm on this film due to its politically incorrect title. Some chains flat out said that they would not carry the film. We have spent a great deal of time developing the cover art and educating the retail community as to what this film is, a fun spoof of the original black & white film. As we move closer to the release date, we are delighted that so much of the retail community has changed their positions and is giving this edgy little film an opportunity despite the pressure of political incorrectness."

This Halloween, Showtime is partnering up with theaters in over 50 markets to promote the DVD release of Reefer Madness at the midnight screenings of "THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW". The most attended ROCKY HORROR screenings of the year, the theaters will host Reefer Madness displays and play the Reefer Madness trailer.

To most effectively reach the college students, Showtime is using guerilla marketing teams on over 30 college campuses to get the word out, with t-shirts (Reefer Madness The Movie Musical on one side and PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE on the reverse side), REEFER MADNESS book markers and poster campaigns on each campus. A web sweepstakes targeting college students is being run on the Showtime web site supported by on-line advertising/promotions with such sites as FRIENDSTER.

In its' efforts to reach every audience available, Showtime will also be utilizing its vast gay outreach marketing abilities developed through the successful marketing of QUEER AS FOLK and THE L WORD via gay magazines and Showtime's immense email capabilities.

Based on the original cult film from 1936 and the hit musical, Reefer Madness is a tongue-in-cheek raucous musical comedy about clean-cut kids who fall into a twisted, hilarious downward spiral of reefer, sex and mayhem! A straight-laced high school lecturer (Alan Cumming) seeks to impart his wisdom to frightened parents about the "demon weed" by telling the frightful tale of two innocent teens, Mary Lane (Kristen Bell) and Jimmy Harper (Christian Campbell), who fall under the spell of the public's enemy #1 and quickly find themselves in a world of evil jazz music, dance and madness. Filled with outrageously funny and musical performances by Neve Campbell, Christian Campbell, Kristen Bell and Steven Weber, Reefer Madness is the feel good event of the year that should not be missed.

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