On March 6 Revenge of the Nerds: Panty Raid Edition will be geeking out on DVD! To celebrate this terrific film we are giving away some copies to a few worthy Tri Lambs!

Winners Receive:

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- Revenge of the Nerds: Panty Raid Edition DVD

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At Adams College, the jocks rule the school from their house on high, the Alpha Beta fraternity. So when a group of socially-challenged misfits try to go Greek, they're instantly rejected by every house on campus. Deciding to start their own fraternity to protect their outcast brothers, the campus nerds soon find themselves in a battle royale as the Alpha Betas try to crush their new rivals. But in this game of brains vs. brawn, the nerds devise the perfect plan to gain the upper hand...and their rightful place at the top of the social ladder!

Whip out the calculator, load the pocket protector and adjust your glasses...the Nerds are returning with a vengeance on March 6th as Fox Home Entertainment goes back to school with the boys of Lambda Lambda Lambda to combat nerd persecution with the all-new Revenge of the Nerds: Panty Raid Edition DVD. The outrageously bawdy comedy that leveled the playing field for an entire generation of those who had been laughed at, picked on and put down, Revenge of the Nerds was highlighted by the Adams College yearbook of such Hollywood A-listers and cult favorites as Anthony Edwards (ER), Robert Carradine (The Lizzie McGuire Movie), Timothy Busfield (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip), John Goodman (Roseanne), James Cromwell (L.A. Confidential), Bernie Casey (I'm Gonna Git You Sucka) and Curtis Armstrong (Ray).

Exacting long overdue retribution on jocks, preppies and beautiful people the world over, the digitally-remastered Revenge of the Nerds: Panty Raid Edition DVD features a pocket protector full of brand new bonus materials, including feature-length commentary by director Jeff Kanew, Carradine, Busfield and Armstrong, six deleted scenes, "I'm A Nerd And I'm Pretty Proud Of It" featurette, the unaired Revenge Of The Nerds television pilot, trailers and more. Revenge of the Nerds: Panty Raid Edition DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.98 U.S. / $25.98 Canada.

DVD Features:

- Audio commentary by director Jeff Kanew, Robert Carradine, Timothy Busfield and Curtis Armstrong

- I'm A Nerd And Pretty Proud Of It featurette

- Deleted Scenes

- Stan Owes Nerd Money

- Gilbert Tells Judy How He Feels

- Tri-Lamb Vegas Convention

- Meet Uncle Meyer

- Chariot Race

- Nerds Catch Jocks Destroying Their House

- Revenge Of The Nerds TV Pilot episode

- Theatrical Trailer

Technical Specs:

- Rating: R

- Run Time: 90 minutes

- CC: Yes

- Aspect Ratio: Widescreen presentation

- Audio: English Stereo and English, Spanish and French mono

- Subtitles: English and Spanish