Indomina Releasing will debut the period piece Sacrifice on DVD September 4, giving viewers a glimpse into China's Yuan Dynasty in 5th Century B.C. We're giving away copies of the DVD, directed by Kaige Chen. These discs will probably go fast, so hurry and enter today!

Sacrifice DVD

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  • Sacrifice DVD

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Written and directed by Sacrifice DVD and set during the opulent Yuan Dynasty in the 5th century B.C., Sacrifice is the story of a newborn prince whose entire family, the Zhao clan, is wiped out by a rival general who ruthlessly seizes the throne. An ordinary man, the doctor who delivers the baby, gives up everything dearest to him to save the last young survivor in the bloodline of the noble Zhao, and secretly raises the child as his own. But the doctor, played impeccably by acclaimed actor Ge You, has devised his own plot for revenge and makes the cold-blooded General, Tu Angu, the boy's godfather, allowing the would-be-King to infiltrate the royal palace as a guest. When the boy becomes a man, he must choose between two fathers, while the destiny of a nation rests with his decision.