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Movie PictureNine Innings from Ground Zero

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Many coping strategies were deployed in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. The idea which possibly stood out among all others was to draw on the city's love for baseball, and have some of the star players in the region help out in the recovery effort. The resulting film of the events as they unfolded presents a touching portrayal of a city coming to terms with its loss in a highly unusual, yet deeply inspiring, manner.Movie PictureReverse of the Curse of the Bambino

The 2004 World Series finally saw The Curse of The Bambino lifted for the Boston Red Sox as they finally rose to victory, to the delight and huge relief of their fans. REVERSE OF THE CURSE OF THE BAMBINO explains the whole story, from how the 1919 sale of George Herman Ruth started the whole curse, to the incredible scenes that followed the 2004 victory. For Red Sox fans, this is a moment to be cherished. Yankees fans may want to look away.

Movie PictureDef Poetry Jam: Season 2

Rap impresario and all-round media mogul Russell Simmons brings back his DEF POETRY JAM show for a second season with this release. Originally shown on HBO, DEF POETRY JAM aims to bring some highly talented, but rarely televised, performers onto the screen, affording the artists precious airtime that would most likely be unavailable to them otherwise. Shot at The Supper Club in New York, host Mos Def brings performers such as Danny Hoch, Jamie Foxx, Erykah Badu, and many others to the stage, allowing them a precious opportunity to lay down some prescient urban poetry.CLICK HERE to enter the contest today!

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