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Get an unprecedented glimpse into how the American voting public chooses its leaders as Genius Products presents the critically acclaimed documentary ...So Goes the Nation on DVD February 13, 2007. Directed by James D. Stern (The Year of the Yao, Michael Jordan to the Max, It's the Rage) and Adam Del Deo (The Year of the Yao), ...So Goes the Nation examines America's tumultuous electoral process though the eyes of diverse politicians, activists, and voters. The DVD is priced to own for $24.95 SRP.

The 2004 presidential election between George W. Bush and John Kerry provides the stage in ...So Goes the Nation, showing how the voting public is manipulated by both parties' leaders and their political marketing machines. In the final two weeks of the election, the filmmakers sent fifteen camera crews crisscrossing Ohio, a battleground state that has consistently lived up to its familiar political axiom: "As goes Ohio, so goes the nation." Historically, the political and social status quo of Ohio is indicative of the American voting public at large and Ohio has been the center of the political maelstrom many times in its short history. Since 1960, every President to reach office has carried the state. In the entirety of U.S. history, Republican candidates have never taken a Presidential election without winning in Ohio.

...So Goes the Nation features Hollywood A-List stars Matt Dillon, Steve Buscemi, Hilary Swank, Chad Lowe, Brendan Fraser, Joe Pantoliano, and Fisher Stevens in grass roots campaign efforts. The film also includes exclusive interviews with both Republican and Democratic counterparts: Edward Gillespie (Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Ken Mehlman (Bush's 2004 Campaign Manger), Matthew Dowd (Bush's Chief Campaign Strategist), Mark McKinnon (Bush's Media Strategist), Terry McAuliffe (Chairman of the Democratic National Committee), Mary Beth Cahill (Kerry's 2004 Campaign Manager), Tad Devine (Kerry's Chief Campaign Strategist), and Paul Begala (A Senior Democratic Advisor). ...So Goes the Nation was the Official Selection at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival.

Technical Specs:

- MPAA Rating: Not Rated

- Languages: English

- Run Time: 90 minutes

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