The Two Coreys will premeiere their second season on June 22 at 10 PM ET on the A&E Network and we definitely want to celebrate these two 80s stars. We're giving away prize packs for Team Feldman and Team Haim. Each prize pack will include a Team Feldman or Team Haim t-shirt and two DVD's featuring Feldman or Haim. You know these unique prizes will go fast, so enter this contest today.

Team Feldman Winners Receive:

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- Team Feldman t-shirt

- Feldman DVD pack: Stand by Me and The Goonies

Team Haim Winners Receive:

- Team Haim t-shirt

- Haim DVD pack: Lucas and Silver Bullet

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Play the Corey Vs Corey game from A&E! Choose your Corey and give a beating to the competition! Complete with punches, kicks, and Corey-centric special moves, it's the best way to see which Corey is the strongest.

The game is modeled after Street Fighter, so each Corey has his own set of special moves. I'm particularly fond of Haim's "red carpet roll" and Feldman "wooden stake" moves.

CLICK HERE to play the Corey Vs. Corey game.

Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were the quintessential teen heartthrobs of the 80's. The Two Coreys, as they instantly became known, starred in a series of films that would define a generation, including The Lost Boys, Dream a Little Dream and License to Drive

The first season of The Two Coreys left Feldman and Haim at loggerheads over their personal and professional relationship. And so, with their brotherhood at stake, the second season premieres Sunday, June 22 at 10:00PM ET/PT with a no-holds-barred fresh look at the two former friends' damaged relationship. Nothing they say or do is off-limits to the cameras in this new cinema verite take on the 80's icons. Throughout the series, Feldman and Haim try a variety of tasks to resuscitate their relationship. Along the way, both Coreys will deal with very real issues (including their reunion on The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe), go to therapy sessions together, reveal their demons and confront their storied pasts.