The History Channel is premiering a new program, Jurassic Fight Club on July 29 and we have some great prizes in store to celebrate this show. We have yet another contest and we're giving away a first aid kit, MP3/PDA case and a web-launcher keychain to our readers from this program. These prizes will go fast, so enter this contest today.

Jurassic Fight Club

Winners Receive:

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- Jurassic Fight Club First Aid Kit

- Jurassic Fight Club MP3/PDA Case

- Jurassic Fight Club Web-launcher Keychain

CLICK HERE to enter this contest today, and read below for info on the series and a new web game you can play from the series as well.

Catch the premiere of Jurassic Fight Club Tuesday, July 29 at 9 PM ET/PT on HISTORY. Jurassic Fight Club - live at - a new series that illustrates prehistory and depicts how dinosaurs hunted their prey, dissecting these battles and uncovering a predatory world far more calculated and complex than originally thought. Featured on the minisite is Jurassic Fight Club: Turf Wars, a visceral, no holds barred fighting game that is nothing less than a dinosaur fan's dream come true.

Jurassic Fight Club: Turf Wars allows players to take control of prehistoric creatures and assault their opponent with a wide variety of special moves and techniques, including ferocious lunges, vicious bites and punishing tail whips. As the season progresses, the cast of characters will grow larger and larger. Following the television broadcast-premiere on July 29, new beasts are unlocked each week allowing players to recreate epic showdowns featured on air. The detailed 3D models and lush backgrounds, pulled straight from the Jurassic Fight Club program, will bring these prehistoric brawlers back to life for an epic gaming experience.