The Women hit theaters on September 12 and we have one huge contest set up for this new film. Not only can you win a pair of tickets to see the movie, but we're also giving away an official one-sheet poster signed by director Diane English and the cast, including Meg Ryan, Jada Pinkett, Eva Mendes and others, AND a one-year supply of Dove products! A contest this huge is quite rare, so what are you waiting for? Enter this contest today!

Winners Receive:

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- Two movie tickets for The Women

- The Women one-sheet poster signed by director Diane English and cast members

- A one-year supply of beauty products from Dove

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Adaptation of Clare Boothe Luce's play of the same name, first made famous by director George Cukor's iconic 1939 film.

Set in New York City's modern whirl of fashion and publishing, The Women tells the story of Mary Haines (Meg Ryan), a clothing designer who seems to have it all - a beautiful country home, a rich financier husband, an adorable 11-year-old daughter and a part-time career creating designs for her father's venerable clothing company. Her best friend, Sylvie Fowler (Annette Bening), leads another enviable life - a happily single editor of a prominent fashion magazine, a possessor of a huge closet of designer clothes and a revered arbiter of taste and style poised on New York's cutting edge. But when Mary's husband enters into an affair with Crystal Allen (Eva Mendes), a sultry 'spritzer girl' lurking behind the Saks Fifth Avenue perfume counter, all hell breaks loose. Mary and Sylvie's relationship is tested to the breaking point while their tight-knit circle of friends, including mega-mommy Edie Cohen (Debra Messing) and author Alex Fisher (Jada Pinkett-Smith), all start to question their own friendships and romantic relationships as well.