On December 9, the History Channel will air a two-hour special 1968 with Tom Brokaw that deals with that tumultuous year in American history. We here at MovieWeb are running a giveaway with some retro 60s gear, and some new modern stuff as well, like an iPod Nano! Check out what else you can win below.

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Grand Prize Winner Receives:

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- 4GB iPod Nano

- Lava Lamp

- Boom! Voice of the Sixties book- autographed by Tom Brokaw

- 60's Retro Pack

First Prize Winners Receive:

- 60's Retro Pack including Sea Monkeys, Silly Putty, Pure 60s CD, The Graduate DVD, Troll Doll

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If it's been awhile since History class for you, then we have a neat little quiz game so you can brush up on your knowledge about this important year. Click below to play this slick game!

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Cities burned. Students marched. Idealism flourished. Drugs flowed. A nation mourned its slain leaders. It was a year both tragic and galvanizing. But was 1968 truly as revolutionary as it felt? Did its fury and pain propel us forward? Now a new, two-hour special on The History Channel explores the significance of 1968 and the ways it continues to affect the American landscape.